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Emergency Medical Services - EMT - Paramedic AAS (Awarded by Howard Community College)

Program Information:

Associate of Applied Sciences

Mid-Maryland Allied Healthcare Education Consortium
A Combined Program with Howard Community College
Carroll Contacts: Candace Edwards (new students)/ Paul Hunter (current students)
Phone: 410-386-8430 / 410-386-8435 • Email: /
Howard Contact: Office of Admissions and Advising, HCC / 410-772-4230

This area of study prepares graduates to provide immediate care for the critically ill or injured at the site of an emergency. Emergency care is maintained during transport of patients to hospital settings. Instruction includes classroom and clinical experience. Successful completion of the program leads to eligibility to take state and national certification examinations in Emergency Medical Technician—Paramedic. Graduates are employed by fire and rescue organizations, hospitals, private ambulance companies and other health care agencies. Current EMT-B certification* and all required prerequisite courses must be verified for enrollment in EMSP-160, along with proof of experience as an EMT-B as outlined by Code of Maryland (COMAR) regulations.

+ A Grade of C or better is required in math, science, and EMSP courses.


Pre-clinical Requirements to be completed at Carroll:  
 +BIOL-101  Fundamentals of Biology 1  4 credits
 +BIOL-210  Human Anatomy and Physiology 1  4 credits
   English Composition  3 credits
   Mathematics  3 - 5 credits
 PSYC-101  Social and Behavioral Sciences  3 credits
 SPCH-101  Arts and Humanities  3 credits
 +BIOL-211  Human Anatomy and Physiology 2  4 credits
Clinical Requirements to be completed at Howard Community College: 
 +MATH-105  Drug Calculations  1 credit
 +EMSP-160  Prevention and Management of 
 Emergency Situations
 6 credits
 +EMSP-200  Airway, Patient Assessment and
 Trauma Management
 9 credits
 +EMSP-205   Medical Emergencies I  5 credits
 +EMSP-210  Medical Emergencies II  9 credits
 +EMSP-215  Medical Emergencies III  6 credits
 +EMSP-230  Paramedic Internship and Evaluation  5 credits

Mid-Maryland Allied Healthcare Education Consortium: this degree is awarded by Howard Community College. For more information, visit Howard Community College's Health Sciences Division website.

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