Academic Program - Transitional English

Mission Statement

The transitional English department at Carroll Community College seeks to prepare students to transition successfully into college level coursework with the ability to write an emerging essay in a beginning college level writing style.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Students will write a well-constructed paragraph with a clear topic sentence, specific details that support the topic sentence, and an effective concluding sentence.
  • Goal 2: Students will write a well-constructed emerging essay with a clearly worded, sophisticated thesis, supporting paragraphs with specific details, and an effective conclusion.
  • Goal 3: Students will demonstrate appropriate use of expression in writing, such as varied sentence structure and word choice.
  • Goal 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to write using correct grammar and punctuation.

Department Chair


Program Contact

Magdeleine Vandal

Division Chair, Transitional Studies & Academic Services

DepartmentTransitional Studies and Academic Services 
Phone410 386-8386 

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