Academic Program - Student Life

Mission Statement

The Student Life office is a welcoming environment which provides all students the opportunity to enhance their social and leadership skills, experience personal and community development through service and explore career options by creating meaningful connections between curricular and co-curricular programming.

Program Goals

1. Students will be able to analyze the many facets of a complex issue and formulate their own position regarding that issue.

2. Students will be able to relate what they are learning and how it connects to their current and future life experiences.

3. Students will be able to understand their own cultural identity, in order to analyze how it has an impact on their experience in the larger community.

4. Students will recognize opportunities for making responsible reflective decisions.

5. Students will be able to develop healthy relationships.

6. Students will formulate a comprehensive plan that combines curricular and co-curricular experiences.

7. Students will learn to use campus resources to support their learning and personal needs.



Program Contact

Kristie Crumley

Senior Director Student Engagement & Completion

DepartmentStudent Life 
Phone410 386-8408 

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