Academic Program - Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)

Mission Statement

The mission of the nursing program is to be the best in Maryland at preparing skilled registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to deliver exceptional nursing care to meet the needs of our community. Guided by the Maryland Nurse Practice Act and directed by the criteria and guidelines as set forth in the NLNAC, as an institution, we are committed to teaching and to the development of future nurses.

Student Learning Goals

  • Goal 1: Evaluate the effectiveness of a plan of care using the nursing process to achieve patient outcomes. Reflects competency: Nursing Judgment (NLN) and GE #3

  • Goal 2: Assimilate into the profession of nursing with a commitment to lifelong learning and personal and professional growth. Reflects competency: Professional Identity (NLN) and GE#5
  • Goal 3: Provide culturally competent, holistic care using respectful and caring behaviors. Reflects competency: Patient-centered care (QSEN) and GE#6
  • Goal 4: Collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to provide patient-centered care. Reflects QSEN competency: Teamwork and GE#1
  • Goal 5: Model a spirit of inquiry that supports evidenced-based practice. Reflects competencies: Spirit of Inquiry (NLN) and quality improvement (QSEN) and GE#2
  • Goal 6: Practice within legal and ethical principles to deliver safe and competent care based on current standards of practice. Reflects competency: Safety (QSEN) and GE #7
  • Goal 7: Research and communicate information through appropriate technology. Reflects competency: Informatics (QSEN) and GE#4




Program Contact

Nancy Perry

Division Chair, Allied Health

DepartmentAllied Health 
Phone410 386-8231 

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