Academic Program - Health Information Technology HIT

Mission Statement

The Health Information Technology program, with an emphasis on health record coding, prepares students for employment as health information technicians in a variety of healthcare settings. Students are provided with a core knowledge base and develop basic skills in health record coding. At the advanced level, the program is designed to take students to a higher level of proficiency through additional hands-on experience in an electronic environment and a broader knowledge of diverse topics relevant to today’s healthcare environment. The program provides the knowledge and skill-based competencies required for successful completion of national coding certification exams.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Students will demonstrate comprehension and correct application of medical terminology.
  • Goal 2: Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic health care information needs.
  • Goal 3: Students will demonstrate written communication skills in applicable healthcare-related situations.
  • Goal 4: Student will utilize critical thinking and problems-solving skills in coding.
  • Goal 5: Students will demonstrate advanced coding skills.
  • Goal 6: Students will demonstrate awareness of current issues in healthcare.




Program Contact

Anne Marani

Program Coordinator Health Information Technology

DepartmentBusiness & Technology 
Phone410 386-8265 

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