Academic Program - Business Administration

Mission Statement:

The Business Administration major introduces students to the field of business. Many graduates from this program transfer to four-year colleges as business majors with a concentration in marketing, management, accounting, finance, international business, human resource management, or management information systems. The program seeks to teach and reinforce Carroll’s Core Competencies within the context of managerial decision-making and professional communication.

Program Goals

  • Goal 1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the language and theory of business.
  • Goal 2: Students will demonstrate the ability to express ideas in writing.
  • Goal 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to make effective oral presentations.
  • Goal 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively use computer terminology, software, and hardware.
  • Goal 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to use inductive and deductive logic to draw valid conclusions.
  • Goal 6: Students will demonstrate information literacy through locating an appropriate information source and providing a correct citation.

Program Contact

Nancy Kimble

Department Chair, Business

DepartmentBusiness & Technology 
Phone410 386-8292 

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