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ELL-095, Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays

Credits: 0

Course Description

ELL-095, Writing Effective Paragraphs and Essays for Speakers of Other Languages, provides instruction and practice in the writing of unified, coherent, and adequately developed paragraphs and essays with an emphasis on English grammar and language skills necessary for success in college courses. Support for enhancing academic vocabulary is also provided. Students will begin preparation of the Carroll Community College writing portfolio with samples of their best writing tasks. Students who successfully complete ELL-095 are eligible to take ENGL-101. Prerequisite: satisfactory score on the placement test/completion of ENG-091 and exemption/completion of READ-091. Students who must take READ-091 may co-enroll in ELL-095 along with READ-091 (with an advisor signature). Three hours lecture. One hour lab. Four billable hours. No credit.

Course Objectives and Grading Information


1. Write a well-constructed paragraph. (GE1, PG1) 

a. Write a clearly worded, sophisticated topic sentence that reveals the point students will support. 

b. Use specific details that support the topic sentence. 

c. Use clear organization with well chosen transitions. 

2. Write a well-developed emerging essay that meets specified criteria for each assignment. (GE1, GE2, PG 2) 

a. Write a clearly worded, sophisticated thesis that reveals the point students will support. 

b. Develop the thesis throughout the essay using concrete supporting information. 

c. Use organization appropriate to the purpose of the essay.  

d. Write with appropriate consideration of audience. 

3. Write with varied sentence structure and appropriate word choice. (GE1, PG3) 

a. Write a complete sentence that expresses a clear thought. 

b. Write simple, compound, and complex sentences. 

c. Choose appropriate specific words. 

4. Demonstrate an emerging use of correct grammar and punctuation in writing. (GE1, PG4) 

a. Recognize and correct verb and pronoun errors as well as errors in punctuation. 

b. Use grammar and punctuation according to conventions of Standard American English. 

5. Demonstrate the use of the writing process. (GE1, GE7, PG1, PG2)

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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