Course Abstract Details

ENG-091, Basic Writing

Credits: 0

Course Description

ENG-091, Basic Writing, provides instruction and practice in the writing of clear, correct sentences and unified, coherent, and adequately developed paragraphs and short essays. Students will also begin preparation of the Carroll Community College portfolio with samples of their best writing tasks. Students who successfully complete ENG-091 are eligible to take ENG-097. Prerequisite: satisfactory score on the placement test and exemption/completion of ASE Reading. No credit. Four billable hours.

Course Objectives and Grading Information

I.Demonstrate sentence writing skills by: (GE1, PG3, PG4) A.Writing complete sentences that express a clear, specific thought.
B.Recognizing and correcting fragments and run-ons.
C.Recognizing and correcting verb tense and form errors and subject-verb agreement in sentences.
D.Recognizing and correcting pronoun errors.
E.Recognizing and correcting comma and apostrophe errors
F.Using adjectives and adverbs appropriately.
G.Recognizing and correcting incorrect end punctuation.
H.Using quotation marks, semicolons, colons, and hyphens appropriately.
I.Improving diction and word choice.

II.Write a well-constructed paragraph. (GE1, GE2, PG1)
A.Write a clearly worded topic sentence that reveals the point students will support.
B.Use clear specific details that support the topic sentence. C.Use clear organization with well chosen transitions.

III. Write an emerging college level essay (GE1, GE2, PG2)
A. Develop a thesis that provides directions for a longer piece of writing.
B. Provide concrete support and evidence throughout several paragraphs to support a central idea.
C. Maintain unity and coherence throughout the paper
D. Craft rudimentary introductions and conclusions

IV. Demonstrate the use of the writing process. (GE1, GE7, PG1)


Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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