Course Abstract Details

ENGL-211, Voices in American Literature

Credits: 3

This is a General Education Course

Course Description

ENGL-211, Voices in American Literature, offers a study of American writers, both men and women, from different geographical regions and of diverse ethnicities. Selected works will explore the cultural complexities of the United States, dating from the 19th century to the present, and may include Dickinson, Whitman, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Ellison, Ginsberg, Tan, Carver, and Morrison. Prerequisite: Completion of ENGL-101 or 103. GENERAL EDUCATION.

Course Objectives and Grading Information

COURSE OBJECTIVES   ENGL-211, Voices in American Literature, is designed to introduce students to works of major American writers. By the end of the course, you will be able to do the following:   

1. Define characteristics of major literary voices that have contributed to the body of American literature (GE6; H1; H2; H3; H4) 

2. Identify characteristics of specific American literary periods, movements, and/or themes (GE2; H1; H2; H3; H4); 

3. Construct valid arguments about selections of American literature through a process of close critical reading and class discussion (GE1; GE2;H1; H2; H5; H7; E2);t 

4. Compare and contrast the voices of major American writers from different geographical regions and/or ethnicities (GE1; GE2; GE6; H1; H2; E1; E2; E4; E5); 

5. Identify and define the cultural complexities reflected in selected works of American literature; (GE1; GE2; GE6; H1; H2; E1; E2; E4; E5) 

6. Place literary works in their regional, historical, political, intellectual, or cultural contexts (GE1; GE2; GE6; H1; H2; H3; H4; H5; E4).

Learning Goals

The abbreviations in parentheses represent Learning Goals which have been identified for this course and program of study:

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