PTA Program - Getting Started

Acceptance into the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program is based upon your academic ability, aptitude for a career as a PTA and communication skills. Carroll County residents are given preference over non-residents with similar qualifications and experience.

Before you can apply for the PTA program, you must first be accepted for admission to Carroll and then apply for the PTA program. Once accepted, you must satisfy the full admission requirements.

A class of 24 students is accepted into the PTA program for the fall semester. Applications are processed from Jan. 1 to May 1 each year. While the actual number of students who apply each year varies, if more than 24 students apply then a ranking procedure is used. 

We do maintain a waiting list of students in the event that additional spots become available. Students who meet the qualifications to enter one year but are not chosen and choose to apply the following Fall are given an additional point in the ranking procedure.


Apply for Admission to Carroll
  • Submit a completed Enrollment Application.
  • Request your high school and college transcripts be sent to the Records Office.
  • Contact an Academic Advisor at 410-386-8435 to determine if placement tests are required. If placement tests are required, contact the Testing Center.


Apply for the PTA Program
  • Obtain, review, complete and submit the PTA application packet postmarked by May 1 to the PTA Program Director's office.
  • Successfully complete the following courses prior to the Fall Term for which you are applying. All courses must be passed with a grade C or better.
    • Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II (BIOL 210 and BIOL 211) completed within the last five years.
    • College level mathematics (3-5 credit course; Statistics preferred)
    • College Writing I (ENGL 101 )
  • While not required, PTA applicants are strongly encouraged to complete all general education prerequisites prior to beginning clinicals.
  • Complete a minimum of 75 hours of observation, volunteer or paid clinical experience in a physical therapy facility under the supervision of a Physical Therapist or PTA. We recommend you complete these hours in at least two different settings.
  • Provide at least two recommendations using the forms provided in the admission packet. These do not have to be from your place of observation.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges if applicable. Certified mid-term grades on college letterhead are acceptable until final transcripts are available.
  • Write a cover letter explaining any ongoing coursework or clinical observation hours that are not yet completed.
  • Provide employment verification on your employer's letterhead if you have been employed as a rehab aide or tech for three months or more.

If you believe you have fulfilled the designated academic or experience requirements through previous coursework or experience, contact the Program Director to discuss your previous preparation prior to submitting your materials. If you are transferring from another PTA school to Carroll, we will review your transcript from your previous school, assess your skills and place you appropriately within the Carroll program.

Once the applications are reviewed, applicants are chosen to move to the second step of the application process. Students who are chosen for the writing assignment and interview are notified.

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