PTA Program - Clinicals

The clinical portion of the program takes 18 months to complete. This portion of the program includes all PTA didactic, laboratory and clinical coursework. Carroll's three clinical affiliations provide specific experiences at three different levels.

You must provide your own transportation to each clinical site. While the program attempts to keep you close to home for at least two of the affiliations, travel may be up to ninety minutes.

If you know of a practice or hospital where you would like to conduct your clinical(s) the academic clinical coordinator can arrange for the setting to sign a contract with the college. However, you are not permitted to complete your clinicals where you have been employed. Consult the Program Director for further information.


PTA 241-01 Clinical Arts One
  • While many students may have been techs, aides, ATC's or massage therapists, this is the first clinical experience as a Physical Therapist Aid student.
  • The full-time three week clinical occurs during Summer Term I - the beginning to the  middle of June.
  • Students have completed all didactic work except higher level neurology and cardio-pulmonary work, wounds, closed head trauma and spinal cord injury interventions.
  • Students perform clinical interventions including, but not limited to, therapeutic exercise, goniometry, MMT, massage, modalities, gait training, transfers, note-writing, vital signs, balance and other therapeutic activities.
  • Students carry a patient load, engage in hands-on treatment, write notes, interact with staff, are self-motivated and perform at the highest level of professional and ethical standards. Refer to the course syllabus for learning objectives.


PTA 242-01 Clinical Arts Two
  • The second clinical occurs during the first part of the fall semester from the beginning of September to the second week of October.
  • The clinical meets full-time for six weeks.
  • Students have completed all didactic work and are prepared to treat patients with a variety of diagnoses utilizing a wide range of treatment modalities.
  • Students carry a patient load within the first week of the clinical and function, with support and supervision of their clinical instructor, as an entry level PTA.
  • Clinical orientation is required for all placements since each setting is different.
  • Refer to the course syllabus for learning objectives.


PTA 243-01 Clinical Arts Three
  • The final senior affiliated clinical meets full-time for six weeks.
  • Under the supervision of their clinical instructor, students function as an integral part of the rehab team and work closely with PTs, PTAs and other clinic members. 
  • Students treat a variety of patients and seek support and guidance in areas they may not have already had exposure.
  • Once students have completed the PTA coursework and have been granted the A.A.S. - PTA degree, they are eligible to apply to take the National Physical Therapist Assistant Examination (NPTAE) and apply for licensure.  

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