Blackboard Faculty Manual - Sending Email

Sending email to course users

Important information:

  • Email is generated within the Bb course site, but is delivered to the email address entered in the user’s account.
    • As a Carroll instructor you are provided a email address. You will need to check your Carroll email via the iweb
    • Students are not provided with a They enter there personal email address whenever they create a Carroll Bb account.
  • When you use the Bb email system, you will only be emailing those students who:
    • Submitted a personal email address into Carroll's WebAdvisor/Datatel sysem.
      • Make sure you know who has submitted personal email address to Carroll [control panel; user management; list/modify users; click "search"]  You will quickly notice those students on the Bb roster who show no email address.  
    • Entered a “good” email address in their Bb user account
      • Make sure you know the email address submitted is correct by sending out an email asking each student to respond to you. Those who do not, you will need to contact (phone, mail). They either have entered:
    • Instruct students how to verify/submit/update their email addresses on record at Carroll:

  • Login to Bb
  • Click on “Personal Information” in the Tools menu on the left side of their My Carroll (Welcome) page.
  • Review the email address listed
  • Follow the directions on that page if no email address is listed or if it needs updated or corrected.
  • Allow one day for the correct email address to be listed in Bb

You have two options for sending email to those enrolled (users) in your Bb course site.

  1. From your Bb homepage (the page you land-on when you login to Bb)
    • Click on “Send e-mail” in the Tools box (left side of your Bb homepage)
    • Click into the email course link
  2. From within a specific Bb course site
    • Click “Send Email” in the Course Tools section of the Control Panel


  • Bb lists students who have not provided email addresses, but it does not "know" if those submitted are good email addresses.  Therefore, it's important for you to send out an email to student to make sure the address they've provided into our system (via WebAdvisor) works. 
  • Include the name of the person you are addressing within the message since Bb does not include that information in the copy that will be sent to you.

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