Blackboard Faculty Manual - Sampling Bb

Sampling Bb

This manual is a procedural, step-by-step approach to setting up a Bb course site. But, you probably want to get some understanding of what a Bb course site can look like. To do that, go to a sample course site. This is available to anyone.

To sample some of the features of Bb, go to

  • Login with username: sampleblackboard and password: bb
    • You will need to log out of Bb if you’re already in with any other username. You cannot access this sample course with any other username.
  • You will “land” on a “Guest” Bb homepage
  • Click on “Blackboard Sample Course” listed in the “My Courses” box
  • Click into the sample course and explore!

NOTE: This is only a sample Bb site. You will need to request a Bb account and course site. See previous section. You will also need to log out of Bb and log back in with your Bb username and password to access any course sites that have been created for you at your request.

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