Blackboard Faculty Manual - Exporting a Course

Exporting a Course

Please check out more information on using Carroll's Blackboard by clicking into the Faculty Bb Resource tab after you login to Bb.  

The Export Course function allows instructors to export parts of their course to be imported into another course. The export function does not save any student data, it only includes course content data. It does save items in the gradebook, but does not save individual student grades. It does save the discussion board postings.

Please note carefully what options you choose.

The following content areas may be chosen:

  1. 1. Choose “Export Course” in the control panel
  2. Select the areas to be exported
    • Content
    • Announcements
    • Discussion board
    • Course settings
    • Grade Center
    • Course Settings
    • Groups Settings
    • Staff Information 
    • Tests, surveys and pools
  3. Select “Click here to download the exported course site”. Save the file to your local disk and make a note of the location.
  4. Select “Click here to view the detailed log file” to be sure there were no errors.

You can use the “Import Package” function in the control panel to load the exported course file into another course (log into that course first).

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