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College Offers New Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic Program

Release Date: 6/25/2010

Executive Assistant to the President
Carroll Community College

Carroll Community College Offers New Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic Program

Westminster, Md., A new Emergency Medical Services--Paramedic program will be offered at Carroll Community College starting in fall, 2010.

The program prepares students to sit for the National Registry for EMT-Paramedic (NREMT-P) licensure exam, which is currently required to practice in most states, including Maryland. In addition to clinical courses, students will fulfill the requirements for an Associate Degree. The program requires completion of 62 to 68 credits.

This is a selective admission program intended to serve firefighters (paid force or volunteer) in the state who meet minimum requirements and maintain an affiliation with a fire station.

The format will allow students statewide to complete non-clinical work at institutions close to home, clinical didactic courses online with some weekend face-to-face practical experience, and clinical affiliations with local emergency services on a part-time basis.

"Carroll Community College is pleased to offer the EMS program because it prepares our students to respond to a growing need in the community for emergency medical services," said College President Dr. Faye Pappalardo.

"Many people believe that all EMTs are the same," said Stacey Bowen, coordinator of Emergency Medical Services and Safety at Carroll Community College. "In reality, there are various levels of training within the industry. EMTBs (B stands for basic) can take vital signs, may transport patients, can do dressings, and other basic skills. EMTIs (I stands for intermediate) can do more, while EMT-Paramedics have a knowledge base that is comparable to  registered nurses although the focus is different from nursing. The new program will be training EMTs at the paramedic level.

"We have developed a hybrid  program with online components and face-to-face classroom sessions. This combination appeals to students who are comfortable working online, while also capturing students who may not have the self-discipline to study completely online and those who are not technology savvy," said Bowen. "The beauty of this program is that students who qualify for the program from any location may take advantage of its hybrid nature."

Stacey Bowen will work with Carroll County Volunteer Emergency Services Association,  a full-time faculty member, and a clinical coordinator as the program expands.

Credit for prior learning will be given to students who may "test-out" of some classes. For a course-by-course breakdown for program requirements and specific curriculum pathways within this program, please contact Bowen at 410-386-8020 or e-mail
Curriculum pathways depend on future goals. Students anticipating moving into more advanced clinical applications should follow the BIOL-101, 210, 211 pathway.

The demand in the community for EMT-Paramedics is fairly high, according to Bowen. "At this time, there is a shortage of county paramedics, there is a greater need for paramedics on ambulances to supplement the skills of EMTBs, and there is a growing emergency call volume," said Bowen.


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