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Language Study Prepares Students for Changing Global Climate

Release Date: 6/22/2010

Executive Assistant to the President
Carroll Community College

Language Study at Carroll Community College
Prepares Students for Changing Global Climate

Westminster, Md., Adjunct instructor of  French Rachael Wentz is looking forward to teaching the language this fall at Carroll Community College (Carroll).  Wentz enjoys teaching students to speak French, to explore art and culture, or help them prepare to travel. She teaches both French 101 and 102 in the fall.

Romance languages like French have always been popular classes at Carroll, yet a changing global climate is driving colleges to expose students to non-traditional areas of study. In addition to languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, Chinese has been added to the choices at Carroll. Chinese was first added in the curriculum in the fall of 2009 and was just getting off the ground then. Now, students are expressing more interest in the language.

"As China is growing in world stature, a working knowledge of the language is helpful to students in fields inside and outside the United States," said Nathaniel Schell, assistant professor of Spanish. "Chinese is the second most spoken immigrant language in the U.S. behind Spanish. Students are curious about Chinese. It has the allure of something different. Common careers in which Chinese can be used include business, social work, international relations, and politics."

"Even if students do not use Chinese in a future career after college, they can establish a connection to another culture that is fascinating," said Schell. "Students become exposed to Chinese history and literature, increasing their global awareness and cultural competency. This is something they can carry throughout a lifetime."

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