Carroll Community College

Carroll Community College
Placement Testing

What They Are

Carroll’s placement tests assess your readiness for college-level courses. Exams are administered in reading, English and math. Most of the tests are computerized and untimed. 

  • Reading
    The reading test measures vocabulary and reading comprehension skills. Students answer questions, similar to SAT or ACT questions, regarding short passages on an array of topics.
  • English
    The sentence skills portion asks students to rewrite sentences in a variety of ways. Grammar, sentence construction and sentence relationships within paragraphs are the key skills that are assessed. 
  • Mathematics
    The math test starts with an algebra section. Students may see arithmetic or college level math questions depending on their skill level. 

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Preparing For The Tests

Faculty strongly advise that students prepare for placement tests as the placement results directly impact the courses students take in the first term and beyond. Developmental placement delays admissions into selective programs and degree completion time. Students may only re-test once. The scores are valid for two years. Students who review, especially in math, preform much better on the tests.

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Possible Test Exemptions

Scores of 550 or higher on any section of the SATs or 21+ on any section of the ACTs, earn a college-level placement, and placement tests are not necessary! Students with qualifying AP scores on English and math tests may be exempt, but should see an adviser for personal advising. The math SAT/ACT placement scores only allow a General Education math placement. High achieving students should take the placement test to place directly into higher level math courses.

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What to Know Before the Tests

  • Students can schedule placement tests by calling the Admissions office at 410-386-8430.
  • A completed enrollment application is required before testing. Apply online.
  • A photo ID is required at the time of testing.
  • Students can re-test only one time if they are unsatisfied with their scores. Students need to see an adviser before re-testing. Learn more about re-testing.
  • Testing is free the first time; re-tests are administered for a small fee.
  • Placement test scores are valid for two years.


What To Do After Testing

Most placement test results are available immediately, but follow up testing is required for students who place into Reading or who wish to challenge their English placement by writing an essay. Students receive instructions for completing the enrollment process, including how to access a mandatory online pre-advising session. Once this session is complete, students need to print their quiz score and bring it to the Advising and Transfer Center (A102) to meet with an Academic Adviser for course selection and approval.

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